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In addition to offering bespoke coaching I have also created a number of talks which share key techniques and strategies on topics relating to mindset and wellbeing that I regularly encounter in my coaching practice.

For example, I’ve worked with personal trainers, companies and charities to help their clients or employees build resilience, achieve their goals, manage their anxiety and change their mindsets.

At the moment I offer 7 different talks on the following mindset and wellbeing topics:

  • Being Kind To Yourself & Building Self-Worth
  • Understanding & Managing Anxiety
  • Managing Self-Sabotage
  • Goal Setting For Success
  • How To Build Confidence
  • The Power Of The Pause
  • Building Resilience

Take a look below to find one that suits your needs.

Being Kind To Yourself & Building Self-Worth

Key points:  Learn how to be much kinder to yourself through six behaviour changes; including managing your inner critic. Learn how being kind to yourself helps you achieve your goals and live a happier life.

Length: 1 hour

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to build their self-worth and improve how they talk to themselves and reduce over-thinking.

Understanding & Managing Anxiety

Key points:  What is anxiety and how does it affect you, how to notice it in others, tips and strategies to help manage anxiety and improve resilience.

Length: 1 hour

Suitable for: Anyone who either experiences anxiety or who wants to be able to support those around them who do.

Managing Self-Sabotage

Key points:  How to recognise and break the self-sabotage cycle; How to reflect and understand the underlying reasons for self-sabotage; introduction to managing your inner critic; support for creating new habits

Length: 1 hour

Suitable for: People who are frustrated at how they are sabotaging their progress towards their goals especially in a health and fitness context.

Goal Setting For Success

Key points:  How to set the right goal for you with the right motivation that ensures you will be successful. How to create a plan and habits that set you up for success not failure.

Length: 1 hour

Suitable for: People who do not have a goal that motivates them or who are frustrated at working towards a goal but never reaching it.

How To Build Confidence

Key points: What confidence actually is, understanding your own confidence and strategies on how to build confidence

Length: 1 hour

Suitable for: Anyone frustrated by a lack of self-confidence and feels it is holding them back from achieving their goals

The Power Of The Pause

Key points:  Understand the benefit of taking regular breaks and how mindfulness can boost productivity and effectiveness. Develop a reflective habit that allows you to develop and learn continuously and support new habits to boost resilience.

Length: 1 hour

Suitable for: Anyone who has a busy lifestyle and/or demanding job and wants to improve balance, effectiveness and happiness.

Building Resilience

Key points:  Understand what resilience is and why it is important. Learn tips and strategies to improve resilience and make sure you keep your battery charged.

Length: 1 hour

Suitable for: Anyone who has a busy life style and/or demanding job and wants a better work/life balance. Especially good for companies or teams who want to be able to be more productive and resilient.


I changed careers to help people make the same mindset and wellbeing changes I did so it’s great to get feedback like this!

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