Three Words for a New Year

A very wise person introduced me to the concept of picking three words as my theme for the New Year rather than setting New Year’s resolutions. I did this for 2019 and really worked for me so I am doing it again for 2020 and I’d like to pass on the concept to you.

The challenge with New Year’s resolutions is that we often set challenging goals that are black and white i.e. we succeed or fail. There is no grey. Often they require significant changes to our routines and habits and the reality is that most of us have “failed” before the end of January.

This means we start the year feeling like a failure, we have reinforced some of our limiting beliefs and we are no nearer our goals.

The beauty of the three word approach is that you are setting intentions and themes for the year ahead that can motivate and inspire you all year long. In 2019 my three words were Fulfillment, Balance and Fun.

I chose Fulfillment to remind me to follow my heart and values. One of the outcomes of this theme was my total change of career and re-training as a coach.

I chose Balance to remind me to look after all areas of my life and not just focus on one. I have a tendency to be “all or nothing” and I wanted to focus on being “good enough” in all areas.

Fun was an easy one to pick. For lots of reasons I have missed out on a lot of fun in my life and I want to rectify this. I have certainly tried hard!! I set up a fun board where I put all the tickets, reservations etc. of everything I have planned. If the board stopped looking full – I booked some more. I have been to concerts, parties, shows, holidays and a very memorable 80’s cruise. Many of these were “firsts” for me and I certainly stepped out of my comfort zone. I definitely had fun.

The big question is: Which three words am I going to choose for the New Year?

The first one I have chosen is Fun. Yes I know I had it last year but it has been such an important element of my new life that I want to stay focused on it. I already have a number of events booked for 2020 and I want to keep adding to them.

The second word for 2020 is Curiosity. I have learnt a lot about coaching and how to champion people to live their best lives but I know I still have a lot to learn and I want to continue to develop. In addition I am really curious about where I can use my skills and experience to serve the small/medium business community where I live. And finally I want to remain curious about myself as I continue to grow and change through my own coaching journey.  

The third word is Courageous. This means I want to keep challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone both professionally and personally. I want to make difficult decisions quickly and confidently by listening to my heart and my values. I want to explore business opportunities that challenge me and I want to be a courageously honest and strong coach for my clients.

These three words are filling me with excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. I know they will guide me and challenge me throughout the year.

So, what three words are you going to choose? If you want help identifying your values or goals then please contact me here. I’d be delighted to help you.

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