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Lightbulb Moments – a personal coaching case study

I started working with this client at the end of last year. Initially, they wanted coaching to help them identify where they wanted to go next with their career direction and business strategy. But the outcome covered so much more.

My coaching focuses on the whole person and not on individual problems. As we talked in our initial call, I recognised some beliefs and blockers that were impacting a number of areas of their life. We explored these a little together and agreed that entering into a coaching relationship was the right course of action for them.

Over the next 6 months, we worked together, initially on a fortnightly and then on a monthly basis. In between the sessions, the client worked on their actions and put their new beliefs into practice. The change has been transformational and has had positive impacts across all areas of their life.

Client’s Words

The client was kind enough to write this wonderful testimonial about their experience of coaching which I am sharing with you today. If you are interested in understanding how coaching might help you then please contact me by clicking this link

“I contacted Mandy at the end of 2019 with the objective of her hopefully being able to assist me with my career direction and business strategy. Little did I know there was wider reaching work that needed to be done regarding ME first and foremost before career and beyond could be considered.

It became clear, even after the introductory session, that Mandy is some sort of wizard in helping you draw out the key issues. She does it in such a way that you don’t even realise she (and you) are doing it.

Once out of the box, the light bulb moments really happen, whether this is immediately or between sessions. Each of the life blockers are worked through together, with Mandy navigating whilst you drive. All actions and conclusions are your own. The sense of ownership and achievement is immense.

Through these methods, I have really learned who I am and why (I am an “understand the why type of girl!”), more than any counselling has ever done. Mandy spends just the right amount of time on the past to get you to your best future. The future no longer seems vague and unachievable.

I now feel positive, hopeful and am enjoying the consideration of my options. Gone is the need to be manically thinking, planning and doing. I am simply enjoying the here and now. Sounds so simple and yet is such an achievement for me – particularly throughout a pandemic!

I have such gratitude to Mandy for helping me get here.

EJ, Project Manager”

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