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If any of the following sound like you then an executive leadership coach could help…

Do you feel?

  • Weighed down by the day to day pressures of being a leader and never seem to have time to look at the big picture or develop yourself?
  • Isolated and alone; having to make difficult decisions and then doubting whether you are doing the right thing?

Are you?

  • Ready to step up to a top-level role and want to maximise your impact and reach your full potential?
  • Concerned that your people are not all marching to the same tune? Do you want to find a way to bring better collaboration, to improve productivity and to fuel the overall performance of your team?

Executive leadership coach

I’m Mandy Sinclair, an Executive and Leadership Coach.  I help leaders improve performance, emotional intelligence and collaboration within their teams through challenging and transformative personal and team coaching.

With over 3 decades of experience working in senior management roles in finance, strategy and change management in large corporates, I know the pressures of leadership. I understand how challenging it can be to be authentic and to be true to your values whilst also delivering corporate objectives and making tough decisions. Therefore, my corporate and leadership experience combined with my coaching skills make me the ideal partner to help you and your people become thriving leaders with the power and skills to influence teams.

Who I work with:

Both individual leaders and companies who want to excel at what they do. They are passionate about their people and their business and recognise that the pressures of work may distract them from BEING the best they can be. Their strategy might need communicating and translating into action, or they might want a trusted advisor to ensure change is delivered successfully and embedded into the organisation.

What you’ll get working with an executive leadership coach:

  • Clarity about who you really are and what type of leader you want to be, honing your style, impact and effectiveness. We use proven tools such as the Marshall Goldsmith 360 Leadership Assessment which provides a structured and measurable approach.
  • Challenge to be your best self. I will champion you to bring all of yourself to your work and help you become authentically successful.
  • An accountability partner who will hold you to a high standard and will ensure you consistently perform at your best.
  • A personalised approach that works for you and your business. Everyone’s desired outcomes are different so the way that I work with each individual client is personalised to YOUR needs.

Programmes for executive and leadership coaching:

All of my coaching programmes are designed specifically to deliver your desired outcomes and objectives. I offer a combination of workshops, 1-2-1 coaching, 360 feedback assessments (Marshall Goldsmith), and people engagement activities tailored to your company and your needs. Furthermore, I can facilitate strategic planning workshops which help to organise your ideas into an effective strategy and effective action plan.

Finally, I can also act as an independent trusted advisor. I can support you to implement change, ensuring that it is adopted successfully and is aligned to your objectives. Book a free initial call and let’s have a conversation about how I can help.

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“Working with Mandy has really helped me understand how I can maximise my skills and be an even more effective leader. I am no longer over-thinking and doubting myself and my work/life balance has improved.”

“Mandy quickly understood both us and our business, we valued her advice but always felt in total control of what we were doing.”

“I had arrived at a point in my career where I was becoming increasingly disillusioned by the behaviours of organisations within my sector. I felt my career path - which I saw as a series of frustrating roles and then retirement - was no longer providing me with the satisfaction I had hoped for 20 years ago. I cannot recommend Mandy or the programme enough; I describe her support as helping me to find my way out of a very dark forest. Whilst Mandy has taught me the skills I need to navigate any similar problems in the future, I will return to her for guidance as my career continues to move satisfactorily forward. “