Weight Loss

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I offer coaching specifically designed for clients with weight-related issues which helps to address the underlying emotional issues which hamper success in both weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight. 

At my largest I was over 28 stone. I have spent most of my life in a yo-yo pattern of denial and weight gain, followed by weight loss and then failure, followed by self-loathing and the inevitable weight gain. I did a great job, a lot of the time, of ignoring all of the impacts this self-destructive pattern had on me; my career, my relationships and my family. In reality, the impacts were significant and I was left emotionally isolated from friends and family and have missed out on many elements of my life. I never felt good enough. 

Only when I accessed the right support did I realise I was good enough. 

And I could achieve more than I thought possible. 

With the help of transformative coaching coupled with diet and health advice I have lost more than 16 stone and maintained my weight for almost 2 years. I am fit and active but most importantly I am happy in my own skin and proud to look in the mirror everyday.

My coaching draws on personal experience, using tools and methodologies which enable my clients to make small steps towards a big change. I’ve been there and done it, and I want to support you to do it too. Most importantly I can help you believe that you can live your best life and that you deserve to!

I do not endorse any particular eating plan, nor am I a health care professional or nutritionist and would always recommend that all of my clients check with their doctor before starting any diet or exercise programme. I also understand how important that step can be and I’m here to help with that.

If you are struggling with weight-related issues and looking for an approach with a focus on both mind and body, get in touch for an informal chat. 

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