Worry: How much energy do you give to things that never happen?

A very common topic with my clients is worry and anxiety about events or situations that “might” happen. We can often persuade ourselves that these things are real even though they only exist inside our own heads. They can feel very, very real and can trigger physical feelings of stress and anxiousness which can then escalate the fears and worries even further. These feelings often repeat themselves and can even become an almost comforting habit as we convince ourselves that if we worry about everything then we can stop anything bad happening. The reality is that by worrying about things […] Read more

Three Words for a New Year

A very wise person introduced me to the concept of picking three words as my theme for the New Year rather than setting New Year’s resolutions. I did this for 2019 and really worked for me so I am doing it again for 2020 and I’d like to pass on the concept to you. The challenge with New Year’s resolutions is that we often set challenging goals that are black and white i.e. we succeed or fail. There is no grey. Often they require significant changes to our routines and habits and the reality is that most of us have […] Read more

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