New Story

What is your new story?

Do you have an old story that you are tired of telling? I did. I spent years believing that I didn’t really have choices; I had to do what other people expected; I wasn’t confident; I wasn’t clever; I wasn’t popular; I couldn’t maintain a healthy weight; no-one loved me; I didn’t have enough money to do what I wanted…. Telling this story became so routine that I stopped noticing it was a story. I believed it was fact and that it was just how it was; it was me; and would always be so. What I didn’t know was […] Read more

How to fill your bucket with Happiness

When I started my own coaching journey I was asked what was on my bucket list and I was almost surprised to realise that I actually didn’t have a clue about what really filled me with happiness. I was quite good at saying what I thought I should say, but my excellent coach saw straight through that and challenged me to say what I really wanted. The truth was I didn’t know. I had spent my life putting other people first and doing what needed to be done. Because of my issues with my own body image and self-confidence I […] Read more

Stop the Weight-Loss Yo-Yo
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