why fat-shaming never works

Why fat-shaming never works

The topic of fat-shaming is a difficult one. It is a topic that I have a lot of experience of and, sadly, it is still very common This isn’t about people who shout out nasty insults in the street. Or those who write abusive comments hiding behind their keyboard online. Those people don’t deserve any of your, or my, time and the only answer to them is to ignore them. We can’t change the people who behave like this but we can change how we choose to react to them. This article is in response to the question I get […] Read more

Blog forgive yourself

Learn to forgive yourself

Do you struggle to forgive yourself? “I’m a failure! I start each day on plan and then mid-morning someone offers me a doughnut and I just give up because the day is ruined!” How many times have you said this? If you do, you are not alone. I certainly have and still do sometimes. We put huge pressure on ourselves to be perfect and then, when we inevitably fail, we punish ourselves for one small bad decision by deciding that the whole day or worse will be ruined. How about if we said the following instead? “I’m really proud of […] Read more

Just do it – a guide to decision making

“Just do it” are three small words that can bring so much joy and happiness into our lives if only we let them. However, decision making can also cause us significant amounts of stress and anxiety. This article contains a strategy to help you “Just Do It”

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