Worry: How much energy do you give to things that never happen?

A very common topic with my clients is worry and anxiety about events or situations that “might” happen. We can often persuade ourselves that these things are real even though they only exist inside our own heads. They can feel very, very real and can trigger physical feelings of stress and anxiousness which can then escalate the fears and worries even further. These feelings often repeat themselves and can even become an almost comforting habit as we convince ourselves that if we worry about everything then we can stop anything bad happening. The reality is that by worrying about things […] Read more

start to love yourself

Start To Love Yourself – You Deserve It

February is a month full of messages about love and relationships. This may give you an excuse to have a special evening with your partner and reconfirm how you feel about each other. Or, you may hate the commerciality of Valentines Day and try to ignore it.   In this month of love I’d like to turn the attention to the relationship with ourselves. Do you show yourself the same love that you show to those around you?  I know that for some people the concept of loving yourself seems an impossible task. Over many years you have focused on […] Read more

Achieving your goals – Start from where you are

Have you ever been frustrated because you are not making progress towards achieving your goals? You know what you want, but you keep sabotaging yourself and prioritising everything else over the actions that are really important to you. One reason for this is that we often over-complicate things and make up a lot of reasons why we can’t do what we think we want. A quote I love from Arthur Ashe is: If you are not familiar with Arthur Ashe, he was an inspirational black tennis player who broke through many barriers to win 3 Grand Slam titles, including Wimbledon. […] Read more

Personal Development

What is your new story?

Do you have an old story that you are tired of telling? I did. I spent years believing that I didn’t really have choices; I had to do what other people expected; I wasn’t confident; I wasn’t clever; I wasn’t popular; I couldn’t maintain a healthy weight; no-one loved me; I didn’t have enough money to do what I wanted…. Telling this story became so routine that I stopped noticing it was a story. Therefore I believed it was fact and that it was just how it was; it was me; and would always be so. What I didn’t know […] Read more

It's time to start being kinder to yourself - you are worth it.

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